Loes Rhebergen


Why bother if you can do it together

Loes RhebergenInitiator

  'The continuous thinking from the client’s perspective and the continuous sharing of these ideas with the project team automatically creates a high level of commitment. This leads naturally to the required level of creativity and aims for solutions, which deliver exactly the right feeling for a modern-day client.’  Rhebergen Project Management is an initiative of freelance project manager Loes Rhebergen. Loes has been an international project and programme manager since 2010 in the field of live communication projects, like presentations at exhibitions, congresses and events. The projects vary in size: from pop-up projects to great custom-made projects in the Netherlands, Europe and indeed throughout the whole world. Projects are embellished further with the desired event services and/or floor management. Rhebergen Projectmanagement thinks that a high level of service is very important on the one hand, and on the other tries to create the perfect atmosphere within the project team.


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